Take a peak at our Forest Kindergarten at The Playgarden inJacksonville Beach Florida

The Playgarden by the Sea, in Jacksonville Florida offers the first full nature immersion , all outdoor kindergarten in the southeast US! Come and see wh

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A forest kindergarten in the Southeast. 


Education, by Ellen G. White. Chapter 10: God in Nature

The heart not yet hardened by contact with evil is quick
to recognize the Presence that pervades all created things. The ear as yet
undulled by the world’s clamor is attentive to the Voice that speaks through
nature’s utterances.

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So far as possible, let the child from his earliest years be placed where this wonderful lesson book [of nature] shall be open before him. Let him behold the glorious scenes painted by the great Master Artist upon the shifting canvas of the heavens, let him become acquainted with the wonders of earth and sea, let him watch the unfolding mysteries of the changing seasons, and, in all His works, learn of the Creator.

In no other way can the foundation of a true education be so firmly and surely laid.