We recently studied the book of Esther with Em, so decided to celebrate Purim this year, with our own twist. (We aren’t Jewish, and this was a first for us, although I did a little lesson on it when I was teaching last year.)

There are four main components to the celebration:

  1. Helping out or giving food to the poor and needy.
  2. Giving gifts of food to family.
  3. Feasting.
  4. Reading through the book of Esther

We went to the community care center that some members of our church help run to see if they needed help. They had enough help today, but were pleased to see us. Our women’s ministry group at church had recently put together baby essentials bags to give out to expectant moms at the care center, but they were still at the church. So, we offered to run and get a few of the bags so they would have them on hand. When we got to the church, a couple of members were there cleaning, and we sat and talked with one of them. We would have offered to help clean, but she was there to help teach the other member to clean, as he is taking it on as his job. So, we chatted with her as she took a break and he was vacuuming. Then, we ran the baby bags back to the care center and then went to pick up supplies for the rest of the day.

We decided to make Spring pudding cups for the kids in the family, and made something else for my mother-in-law. Once those were done, we delivered them, and then headed home for our feast. Em’s favorite dish ever is my bean enchiladas, so we had those with chips, guacamole, and ginger ale.

“Dirt and grass” pudding cups
A field of flowers
Our feast!

Later in the evening we read through the entire book of Esther, booing and shaking homemade noise makers (dry beans in a glass bottle) whenever Haman was mentioned, and celebrating whenever Mordecai was mentioned. I think it would be a little long for little ones, but Em hung in there for the whole thing. One idea for little ones would be to involve puppets, other visuals, or have them act it out.

All in all, it was a fun, memorable day and I believe it helped cement the story in Em’s mind. We also planted some potatoes in pots on our patio! Yay for gardening. 🙂

A few things we thought of as we celebrated that we might incorporate next year are:

  1. Making and/or wearing crowns.
  2. A lot of people mentioned that traditionally people wear costumes. I don’t know that we will ever do that, but I did think that it would be a good time to give Em (or other future kiddos) her spring church dress, as Esther got to have beautiful dresses and had to pick one to wear to the king. We too, should have something special to wear on Sabbath to commune with our King. That is a concept we are still working on, but those are just some thoughts I’ve had about it so far.
  3. Essential oils and facials might be a fun thing to do with the girls in the family, since Esther went through a year of beauty treatments and scented oils.
  4. As we were reading chapter 1, it spoke about the mosaic floors of the palace, and so we thought making mosaic stepping stones or something else, next year might be fun.
  5. We recently watched “One Night with the King,” otherwise we might have watched it today. While I don’t like the emphasis they place on the necklace in the movie, it did help Em to visualize some of the other things in the story and was a good discussion starter.

I haven’t been back with a homeschool update because, well, four family members have been in the hospital in the last couple of weeks, including my husband, whose ambulance was t-boned. He is miraculously okay- God is so good to us. Honestly, my husband should not have survived that wreck, or at the very least had brain and eye damage, but he is alive and well. I am so, so thankful for that. We’ve had several of Em’s siblings staying here at various times as other family members were in the hospital or taking of those who were in the hospital. We have done some school work with her, but nothing much to speak of. There is a homeschool convention next week here in Ohio, which I am planning to attend. So, I will have a homeschool update in early April. Until next time, blessings! And, happy Spring!


Imagine Childhood

Hi all! I’ll be back soon with a homeschool update, potato month recap, and some other things. However, today I wanted to let you know that Imagine Childhood is running a great giveaway right now. I adore all of the items in their shop, and they are great for homeschooling families, and those interested in learning about God’s creation.

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