Accepting Imperfection

Last night, I baked a chocolate cake for a potluck today. I had planned to make a peanut butter frosting for it with the last of our powdered sugar and peanut butter- something I have done before. This time, for whatever reason, the frosting went from play dough consistency to a grainy, wet messy and never achieved fluffy, spreadable frosting. I tried to save it because it was the last of what I had, and I hated to waste it, but eventually had to give up. I ended up chopping up a mint dark chocolate bar I had gotten for Christmas and melting it down with a bit of coconut oil to use as a glaze. I took pictures that I intended to use for this post, but they didn’t turn out. At all. The whole thing reminded me of the simple fact of life that things don’t always work out, and that’s okay. I didn’t end up with a beautifully frosted peanut butter chocolate cake. I did end up with a serviceable chocolate mint cake that still tasted good even if some of the chocolate in the glaze seized.

A few weeks ago I wanted to make a wreath for our door, and went out to forage materials. Having lived in the west my whole life up until six months ago, I was not thinking about the fact that there aren’t many evergreens around here. I finally found some other material to work with, but it wasn’t anything like I had envisioned. I was too embarrassed to even think about hanging the wreath up, but my husband and Em thought it was cute, so I did. And, you know what? Seeing that little, silly wreath has brought a smile to my face many times the last few weeks. Em made another wreath for our back door last week, following my example.

In a world of glossy magazine spreads, perfect Pinterest images, and Instagram-worthy photos, it is sometimes hard for me to feel like I have much to offer. I don’t think I’m alone in that feeling. However, what we should remember is that we can still be a blessing in our imperfections. That cake still tasted good. The wreath made us smile. A hand sewn pillow with crooked seams can still provide comfort. A small bouquet of wildflowers might not be be picture perfect, but they can still brighten a room and bring a smile to someone’s face.

So, here is my imperfect wreath as a reminder that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be a blessing.



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