January homeschool themes

Here in Ohio we are experiencing a very mild winter so far, especially when compared to the winters we went through the past few years in Montana. Nonetheless, one of our homeschool themes for January is snow- maybe we will actually get some this month!  We are using the free memory work resources from the “His Mercy is New” website. We will be memorizing Isaiah 1:18, Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” poem, and the hymn “Whiter than Snow.”

The child I am homeschooling (she is a relative who recently began living with us, but for privacy reasons I will not be sharing many details and will refer to her as “Em”) is still a struggling reader, so getting her reading level up is our number one priority.  She will be reading from books of her choice everyday for a set amount of time, but she will also be reading two books a month of my choosing. She loves reading about animals, and since we are studying them for science, I chose E.B. Whites classics, “Stuart Little” and “Charlotte’s Web.”  I downloaded a book report workbook from Education.com (I got it free when I joined the site) that we will be working through so Em will know how to properly write a book report. By Spring I intend for her to write them in cursive, but she is still learning all her letters in cursive, so she isn’t quite there, yet.  We will also continue our read aloud, “Little House in the Big Woods.”  We are using spelling lists from k12reader.com. Em writes each word three times each (or spelling “pyramids”) in alphabetical order on Mondays, then writes the definition for each word- half on Tuesday and the other half on Wednesday, and for Thursday I pick 8 words and she writes sentences using the words I chose. On Fridays we have her spelling test.

For science, we will be focusing on warm vs cold blooded animals, the basic needs of all animals, and hibernation. We will also continue the astronomy streak we seem to be on due to a recent gift of a telescope and many clear, cold evenings. I would like us to learn at least one constellation per month.

For math we will continue to  work on multiplication facts, focusing on getting 0-5 down solidly. We are also going to introduce charts and the coordinate plane, using two of the “Sir Cumference” books.  We will practice making bar graphs and pie charts and then work on plotting points on a coordinate plane.  In the past, I’ve found some good coordinate plane picture printables from superteacherworksheets.com.

Most importantly, for Bible we will continue our family worship time working through the book of Genesis.  For Em’s evening story we have been reading a children’s version of “Hind’s Feet on High Places,” which is very good.  When my husband is working and it is just Em and me for worship, we just started “God’s Names” by Sally Michael, and are enjoying it so far. We just finished a beautiful book called, “For Such a Time as This.”  We include a lot of history during Bible/worship time, and we also are slowly going through American history.

I believe that is it- have a lovely Sunday!


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