Tomato Sauce Tip

A quick tip about tomato sauce: adding a grated or finely diced carrot or two (depending on the size of the batch) to a pan when sautéing onions for homemade tomato sauce makes the sauce taste just sweet enough, without adding any sugar.  The carrots add that little “something” to the tomato sauce to make it even better.  Also, fennel seeds are a great spice to add, as they pair well with tomatoes, and aid digestion.

We will be posting more regularly at some point, but recently moved across the country and are in a temporary housing situation at the moment.  Once we are moved and settled in our new place (and have consistent internet!), you can expect to hear more from us.  In the mean time, below are some pictures of some of the tomatoes we grew  in our garden last year.

IMG_0939 IMG_0950